earn $ for your competition fees or for your alliance club

The PTSO has developed the Avenger Card Challenge for Alliance students to help with the costs associated with competing. Students will have an opportunity to earn cash for their CTSO competition fees (range from $80-$1000) or the Alliance club of their choice through the sales of the Avenger Card.


Each Avenger Card is $20. For every 5 cards, a student sells they will receive a $50 voucher to be applied directly to their competition fees, or they can direct the money to one of the official clubs at Alliance.





5 Cards = $50


  1. To participate, please order the number of cards you think you can sell. Payment for the cards is upfront at the bottom of this page. 

  2. We will send the cards home with the student in an envelope and post the corresponding voucher to their account.

  3. You keep the collected money from your sales as reimbursement for the upfront payment.  


You are welcome to order as many cards as you wish at one time and reorders are available.​ The Avenger Challenge ends on Friday, September 13th.



Avenger card voucher

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