First General Meeting Minutes

Alliance Academy for Innovation PTSO

Call to Order: Elaine Francel called the meeting together at 6:30pm on 6/12/2018. Liz Butler seconded.

Members present: Elaine Francel, Liz Butler, Kellie Kindberg, Heather Gregg-Wilson, Renata Gutierrez, Lynn Bowen ,Brandi Cannizzaro, Lisa Elliott, David Case, Sue Case, Shannon Mohanty, Kathleen Tyndall, Jason Wilson, Melissa Decker, Jaya Arul, Randy Arnett, Kelly Douglas, Margie Johnson, Pam Hansen, Lina Patel, Kathleen Beseler, Mark Tamas, Laureen Krawiec, Hemant Shah, Michelle Giordano, Svalha Mohan Somsagav, Dwight Kieser, John Bowen, Sabrina Lanier, Latha Jenkataranan, Mary Allison, Bissy George, and Nicole Cornelius

Board Introductions: The Executive Board introduced themselves. Principal Brandi Cannizzaro: Overseeing President: Elaine Francel VP1: Kellie Kindberg

VP2: Open Secretary: Heather Gregg-Wilson Secretary: Liz Butler Treasurer: Renata Gutierrez Treasurer: Lynn Bowen

By-laws: Elaine Francel Reviewed the bylaws (see separate attachment). Two typos were noted and corrected. Member feedback was asked for from those present. None was received. Liz Butler motioned that the by-laws be approved, Nicole Cornelius seconded, the motion was approved unanimously.

The bylaws can be reviewed online at

Communication information: Elaine Francel shared information with the members present on how to get information regarding the PTSO and how to get in touch with the executive board. email: facebook: PTSO Alliance Academy for Innovation twitter: @AAI-PTSO. Elaine stated that all PTSO communications must be approved by Brandi Cannizzaro before being acted upon or sent out. The board has elected Elaine as the signal point person to contact Brandi Cannizzaro on behalf of the PTSO.

Committees: After meeting with the school and assessing their needs the AAI-PTSO has been asked to adopt a “wait and see” approach to this school year. The school and the PTSO have agreed that we will give the administration and faculty the first 9 weeks to get things going and then the teachers and executive board will reconvene to assess where the PTSO is needed most.

In the mean time, the PTSO will begin fundraising and creating a PR/Marketing campaign to help create better community awareness of Alliance Academy for Innovation. Sign-up sheets were available for interested parties for both committees. Members present were also asked if anyone would like to sign up to chair either committee.

Elaine stated that the board plans to add additional committees during the school year as the need arises. Members who are interested in volunteering can contact the PTSO via email at or sign up on our website

Fundraising Items

To get us started we presented the official PTSO t-shirt that will be available to all members for the cost of $20 each. These can be ordered online starting next week and we will have them ready for you at the Ribbon Cutting on July 21st and/or Avenger Day on July 25th.

There will also be a link to purchase Legacy Bricks that will be permanently included in the Alliance Academy for Innovation landscaping to memorialize the original pioneers of this awesome school.

Please look for these links on Monday, June 18th as we had to pass the bylaws prior to finalizing all of our financial operations.

Upcoming Dates:

July 21st Ribbon Cutting. The PTSO plans to have Legacy bricks and t-shirts available to the community at this event.

July 25th- Avenger day: PTSO also plans to have Legacy Bricks and T-shirts available for sale

July 30th- Teacher Breakfast: The school would like the PTSO to host a breakfast at 8:30am in the cafeteria during pre-planning day. There will be approximately 45-50 staff in attendance. Heather Gregg- Wilson will create a sign-up genius for parents to volunteer to bring a food item.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Butler Recording Secretary AAI-PTSO

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